Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vintage and Estate Style Jewelry

Vintage and Estate Style Jewelry

Estate Style Vintage Ruby Necklace
This is a gorgeous Estate Style necklace that I created for my Etsy shop, it's sparkly
glamorous and elegant and can be found in my shop at
My jewelry is handmade and most of it is estate and vintage style jewelry.
This necklace is made with a vintage ruby jewel, which can also be considered garnet
red or scarlet.
Pink Earrings Estate Style Vintage Glass Jewels, Bridal Earrings
Purple Amethyst Earrings, Purple Earrings, Lilac, Vintage, Bridal Earrings, Bridesmaid, Easter
Sapphire Blue Earrings, Blue Sapphire, Vintage Jewel, Estate Style, Navy Blue
Peridot Earrings, Peridot Green Earrings - Vintage Jewels - Estate Style
Vintage Earrings, Estate Style Jewelry, Clear Crystal, Vintage Wedding, Bridal Jewelry
I hope you like my collection of estate style jewelry and stop by my shop for a visit for
more estate style earrings and necklaces in lots of lovely colors at  Going Hollywood.

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